Chaval Itadakisamu


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” It was the eve of an important celebration in the city. I already knew that the next day I would have seen a great firework show. Every street and every building would be illuminated by thousands of colorful lights. The hearts and eyes of the people would be filled with joy.
After all – I thought – each of us has many reasons to party every day. We just have to learn how to recognize them.

“If you want to be happy for a day, give a party; for two weeks, take a trip; for a year, take care of a garden; for life, find a worthy purpose”.

100% silk twill.

Made in Italy in the silk district of Como.

Sizes: Maxi Carrè 140×140 cm.

Hand-sewn edges.

Italy : 7€, Free shipping over 100€
Central Europe : 10€
North & East Europe : 20€
Rest of the World : 35€

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